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Links tab.

admiralcrunch, Feb 18, 14 11:09 AM.
I have updated the links tab with links for class guides that are valid for 2.5 and probably still 2.6. 

Raiding Calendar

admiralcrunch, Jan 15, 14 10:33 AM.
If anyone cannot see the raid calendar on here please send AdmiralCrunch an ingame mail or tell. Also, even if there are already 10 people signed up for a 10 man raid please sign up anyways. If someone cannot make it last minute I will know who to go to next. It will also let me gauge overall raiding interest as I would like to know if we will have enough for the 20 man raids.

Reavers Raiding

admiralcrunch, Jan 12, 14 10:30 AM.

If you are interested in raiding please contact AdmiralCrunch in game. If you need help getting geared up for raids contact any one of the guild officers and they will be glad to help. Currently we are raiding TDQ and IDH. As interest builds we will begin raiding the 20 man content.

Members News

Beastywoman, Jan 5, 13 2:43 PM.
Reaver is now the largest guild on Deepwood. We do a little bit of everything and have a lot of fun doing it. Gratz to all the members that make this guild what it has grown to be. Even if you just joined us or been with us since we started with only 5 members and an abadanded guild. We Thank you all for doing what you do and representing the Reaver guild throughout the Rift Shards.Without you we would not be the Largest Guild on Deepwood!

With that being said, moving forward, we are going to start doing more Raids! As some might know Mack and Jems have decided to leave the guild and go to guilds with their old gamer buddies or smaller guilds. They wish to remaind friends. However, movering forward Sammar and Iziz will be running raids to get us moving in the direction of the newer and way cooler Raids. We will be still doing the "old school" raids like GSB and DH and such this will allow the "lower" level guild memebers to enjoy the content for their level while helping them gear which, will help them level faster. We are a whole guild and not just a "upper" level Raiding guild. Also, for us achivement "whores" we can get some of the harder Raid achievements done while helping guildes.

Once again Thank you to everyone that makes Reaver Guild what it is. And remember if you need help with anything just let us know! We would love to help.
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